Potholes have caused approximately $3 billion worth of damage to vehicles each year, according to a study from the American Automobile Association (AAA). Hundreds of thousands of accidents are attributed to drivers hitting a pothole or swerving to avoid one. Potholes are anything but innocent.

For both road and personal safety, it is so important that people be able to easily report potholes. In the past, it might have required a trip to city hall or another public office to file a report. More recently, however, many municipalities have an easily accessible online portal where citizens can quickly report potholes.

But what happens if a municipality does not have an easy-to-use online service? Or what if governments aren’t keeping up with citizens who expect their interactions to be the same or better than those with their favorite retailer? Not only will the roads remain in disrepair, but citizens will become frustrated and less inclined to report another problem in the future, whether a pothole or graffiti, or perhaps something even more serious, like a downed powerline or impassable road.

How to make it easy for citizens to report a pothole

Municipalities should seek to simplify the public’s interactions with their services as much as possible. In order to do so, they should seek to invest in an asset management solution that is intuitive not just in its reporting capabilities but also in its ability to manage service requests. The right asset management solution can help a municipality process and respond to requests faster, which leads to greater citizen satisfaction with their local government. When citizens can easily engage with their local government, they are more empowered to report problems, like potholes, to help their community grow even stronger.

how do i report a pothole

When you do encounter a pothole in your community, here are a few options for reporting it:

  • Submit a report online. Most municipalities have an online portal on their website to file a quick, detailed report.
  • Call your municipality’s road and transportation officer.
  • Use a mobile app. More and more municipalities are incorporating mobile apps into their citizen service offerings.

Creating safer communities that all citizens will benefit from starts with laying a strong foundation with the proper asset management solution. Municipalities should look for a vendor that prioritizes ease-of-use and customer satisfaction when seeking a solution to help resolve the pothole problem. Building smoother roads will help drive your community toward a safer future.