The greater the role technology plays in our daily life, the more job opportunities that come along with it. It’s predicted that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million open technology jobs and only 400,000 qualified candidates to fill them. Whether it’s being able to order a car through an app to get to an important appointment, video chat with your child’s pediatrician in the middle of the night or enable faster coordinated emergency response during a crisis, there is tangible impact that comes from working in tech.

When people think about tech companies, they will often think of some of the big tech names that dominate the news.  There is another area of tech that people should consider because of the impact you can make in society through this work – technology that serves the public sector.  So, if you’re thinking about working for a tech company, here are some of the reasons why you should think about public sector technology:

1. Driving Impact that Saves Lives

When working for a public sector tech company, you’re serving a greater purpose that has the proven power to save lives. You participate in developing creative solutions that help solve real-world problems.  One example is improving computer aided dispatch (CAD) of first responders.  In large metropolitan areas, the fire or police departments in each town or suburb likely have separate CAD systems.  Recent advances in the development of this technology allow the CAD systems from multiple towns to “talk” to each other to form a virtual network of resources and deploy them more efficiently.  This has allowed law enforcement agencies to cut emergency response time across jurisdictions by up to two minutes. That alone could save over 250,000 additional lives per year from drownings, cardiac arrests and other life-threatening emergencies that depend on fast response. 

2. Driving Impact to Improve the Citizen Experience with Government

By working in the public tech sector, you are creating an output that will make peoples’ lives easier. For example, when was the last time you had to pay a parking ticket? Or have to get a permit to renovate your home? Or wonder when traffic and road conditions were going to improve? Technology is changing how citizens interact with their towns and cities through improvements ranging from automating and simplifying processes to smart city initiatives.  You can be a part of the positive change to create better services and experiences for citizens with their local government when you work in public sector tech. 

3. Rapid Change Drives Opportunity

There’s no faster-evolving industry than technology. And because technology is always changing you’re rarely stuck doing the same thing day-to-day. In the public sector in particular, there is a huge need for change, customization and improved technology to meet the increasingly challenging demands of government agencies to make their cities safer and smart while using our tax dollars efficiently. This creates a much more dynamic and exciting opportunity that people otherwise may not expect in the public sector industry.

If you’re considering working for a tech company, there is no better time than the present to take action, as there’s a flood of open positions for just about every available skillset. Helping create technology that enables public safety personnel to communicate more efficiently, allow for citizens to be reached faster during an emergency and playing a role in creating safer, smarter communities to live in is why working for a public sector tech company is so fulfilling. Check out CentralSquare, one tech company that’s hiring now, to start your career in making a real difference.