Anywhere between 70 to 80 percent of government IT projects struggle, and often fail, according to a survey done by the Boston Consulting Group. The combination of such an abysmal success rate with the fact that more and more governments are investing enormous amounts of time and money into modernizing IT infrastructure – an estimated $107.6 billion was planned for 2019  – it’s no wonder why taking on a major tech improvement project could cause hesitation.

Failure doesn’t have to be the norm for municipalities or public safety agencies when implementing new technologies. Buyers within the public sector should be paying more attention to the successful project deliveries that are on-time, on-budget and meet expectations. These successful projects drive value for citizens, utilize resources efficiently and solves not just current problems, but proactively mitigate future problems.  

Here are some tips for a municipality or public safety agency looking to make their technology project successful:

1. Get realistic on the vision and outcome

It is critical for those responsible for carrying out the technology upgrade or overhaul to stay realistic about the purpose of the new technology. New technologies are not a cure-all for every issue an agency faces. Communicate honestly with the appropriate audience about the expected goals and outcome.

2. Be adaptable to change within the project requirements

Staying inflexible to evolving details will almost certainly delay and add cost to any technology implementation. When new situations and changing environments happen, be flexible enough to adjust. Any new challenges and obstacles that arise must be met with an adaptable mindset.

3. Make sure value of the project is always top of mind

The value that the technology project will deliver to personnel and citizens should always be at the forefront of each phase of the implementation. Ultimately, this is what will determine the success of any technology project. Ensure that the value delivered is a priority every step of the way, and often communicated with all stakeholders.

4. Partner with the right vendor

By far the most important consideration in any project is choosing the right technology vendor to drive the project. This will be the defining factor of what keeps the project on time, within budget and whether or not it’s considered successful. Find a vendor that has a robust, predictable services model to meet and exceed your needs.

Municipalities and public safety agencies are correct to approach new technology projects with caution. They don’t want to waste their time, energy or taxpayer money. However, it’s critical that government leaders embrace and evolve new technologies in order to better serve their citizens. Removing the fear from government technology projects and replacing it with these keys to success will help communities smartly grow and prosper.

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