The decision to move to a new system is a critical point in the ongoing narrative of any public sector organization. The commitment in time, money and resources is high. Obtaining a successful outcome is critical. The complex nature of any transformation requires a planned approach to manage the timeline, risks, issues and adoption of the new system across the organization. This type of project requires an experienced project manager to drive the project to successful completion.

Why a Project Manager?

The most successful project managers provide project management capabilities with a mature foundation of best practices and industry knowledge. Their focus is to successfully guide the implementation by bringing order and discipline to the project while driving towards deadlines, objectives and outcomes. This includes managing risks along the way while ensuring a heightened level of communication in order to promote collaboration, excitement and ultimately adoption of the new system.

The risks of upgrading without a project manager:

Organizations who do not use an experienced project manager on a mission critical project heightens the likelihood of:

  • Missed timelines
  • Misaligned expectations
  • Poor governance
  • Project delays or overruns due to unmanaged change requests
  • Communication issues

These scenarios risk undermining not only the success of the project, but the morale and adoption of the system across the organization.

The benefits of a skilled project manager:

Organizations will mitigate these risks by using a project manager and will benefit in a number of ways including:

  • Increasing communication
  • Managing expectations
  • Increasing adoption across the organization
  • Reducing time to value
  • Providing clarity of goal definition and measurement of its achievement
  • Improving resource coordination
  • Improving risk and issue management
  • Controlling project cycle time
  • Controlling project costs
  • Enabling agreed upon objectives to be achieved
  • Increasing the probability of project success

A good project management service provides long-term value for agencies undertaking a technology transformation.  The most successful project management organizations – such as the one at CentralSquare – follow scalable, repeatable processes that include specific deliverables and customer check points along the way, ensuring progress is being made toward critical milestones. They facilitate status calls with the project team and key project stakeholders on a regular basis as they monitor and control scope, expectations, budget, communication and quality while managing any evolving risks within the project.

Good project management is more than just a scheduling of resources – it can be the backbone of the daily activities that support your project and overall success of your organization. Most government technology projects fail because they under deliver and go over budget. Make sure your project succeeds by using an experienced project manager for your next technology transformation.