There is no resource more valuable during an emergency than time. Whether it’s an active shooter, cardiac arrest or a drowning, every second matters – the quicker emergency responders can arrive on scene, the higher the chance more lives can be saved. Millions of calls come in every year to public safety agencies, but due to jurisdictional boundaries and PSAP locations, the closest available unit might not always be the one responding, resulting in valuable time being lost. An interconnected CAD network among public safety agencies would go a long way toward solving this problem.

CentralSquare is committed to creating just that by building a single, virtual dispatch system across North America, where multiple agencies on disparate 911 software solutions can operate and communicate with each other as if they are on a single system – thereby reducing response time and saving lives. CentralSquare has built a ready-made network primed for CAD interoperability with multiple agencies across the country being included in this interconnected CAD network by default.

With this network, CentralSquare is erasing the lines separating cities, towns and counties so that critical emergency response information can flow effortlessly and automatically to the closest first responder, expediting emergency response and saving lives.

For any one police agency to replicate or build to scale the network of agencies needed to become CAD interoperable would be challenging. When dispatchers are not able to easily identify, deploy and coordinate emergency resources across jurisdictions, this results in longer responses to life-threatening emergencies. When seconds are wasted, lives could be lost.

By saying yes to CAD interoperability, public safety agencies are saying yes to deeper situational intelligence and access to the most up-to-date data during an evolving crisis. They are saying yes to smarter utilization of their resources. And ultimately, they are saying yes to keeping their citizens and first responders as safe as possible in emergencies.

Our society is more interconnected than ever. It is time that our public safety agencies are too.