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The Network Effect of CAD-to-CAD

Rohit Chhabra,
In November 2018, over 80 people were killed in the California Camp Fire. The fire originated in Butte County in Northern California and spread rapidly across 200 square miles, destroying towns and forcing mass evacuations from schools, homes…

The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining High Performing Employees

Marcy Turkington
With one third of the government workforce projected to retire in the next five years, the public sector will face reverberating consequences for years unless municipalities start preparing now for what will be one of the largest shakeups in…

What You Get by Saying Yes to Interoperability

There is no resource more valuable during an emergency than time. Whether it’s an active shooter, cardiac arrest or a drowning, every second matters – the quicker emergency responders can arrive on scene, the higher the chance more lives…

How Data Analytics is Revolutionizing Local Government

Data analytics are revolutionizing local government. In everything from helping governments make better decisions to helping them solve problems within their communities, municipalities are utilizing data analytics to strengthen their communities,…

Why Are We Still Putting Officers at Risk?

Steve Seoane,
The most dangerous encounters law enforcement officers face aren't what you think. Find out how we can stop putting officers needlessly at risk.

What is Rapid DNA?

Steve Seoane,
The introduction of fingerprinting and DNA testing as means of identification was a gamechanger for law enforcement. While controversial at the time of their initial deployment, those identification technologies have proven their innate value…

This is the LinkedIn for Crime Investigators

Rohit Chhabra,
Browse through Netflix and it won’t take you too long to find a new documentary about a serial killer or a whodunit cold case. Over the past few years, the surge of public interest in true crime stories has been attributed to the abundance…

4 Ways to Avoid a Government IT Project Failure

Andi Mucklow,
Anywhere between 70 to 80 percent of government IT projects struggle, and often fail, according to a survey done by the Boston Consulting Group. The combination of such an abysmal success rate with the fact that more and more governments are…

Law Enforcement on Successfully Transitioning to NIBRS

Law enforcement agencies across the country will be required to comply with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) as of January 1, 2021.  Transitioning to NIBRS will bring about some challenges, though it will ultimately…