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The Decade of the New Smart City

It wasn’t so long ago when a city’s technology was considered “smart” if streets had synchronized traffic lights. Much has changed since then – smart streetlight sensors collect and transmit data on everything from traffic flow, weather, and can even record video. Smart infrastructure technology includes water leakage detection to prevent extraneous water waste. Smart […]

How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Problems in Asset Management

Failure of a municipal asset can have disastrous consequences, whether it’s property damage, prolonged disruption of service or even bodily harm. For municipalities that are experiencing population growth, the number of assets they need to manage also grows; and the more assets a municipality has, the higher the likelihood something critical could fail. When the […]

How Do I Report a Pothole?

Potholes have caused approximately $3 billion worth of damage to vehicles each year, according to a study from the American Automobile Association (AAA). Hundreds of thousands of accidents are attributed to drivers hitting a pothole or swerving to avoid one. Potholes are anything but innocent. For both road and personal safety, it is so important […]

Do You Need a Permit for Home Renovations?

Good fences make good neighbors. But first, good fences need good permits. Whether it’s deciding to put up a new fence or remodel your kitchen, what starts out as a simple home renovation project can turn into an unintended nightmare if you don’t take the proper steps. The first, most critical step is obtaining a […]