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How CAD Helps Law Enforcement Optimize Operations in a Crisis

Many public safety agencies frequently experience strains on staffing and operational resources. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, public safety agencies are finding they must tailor their response to fit an entirely new set of priorities within their community. In a pandemic situation, resources are likely to be stretched even further – call […]

How Will Automation Impact Law Enforcement?

Automation has permanently altered the way our society and economy operate. As more and more technology and automation are implemented in virtually every industry, what are the implications for the public sector? And in what ways will automation impact law enforcement?


Top 4 Predictions for Public Safety in 2020

New threats and recurring challenges often mark the start of a new year, placing greater demand on law enforcement and public safety agencies to remedy them. Though much is unknown about the future, public safety professionals should be aware of the following challenges and opportunities in 2020: 1. Transition to intuitive UX: A majority of […]


What is Rapid DNA?

The introduction of fingerprinting and DNA testing as means of identification was a gamechanger for law enforcement. While controversial at the time of their initial deployment, those identification technologies have proven their innate value time and time again to both crime investigators and society – scores of serious criminals have been convicted and taken off […]

When Do I Need to Call 911?

240 million 911 calls are made every year in the United States.  But not all of them should be considered real emergencies, according to dispatchers.  Emergency situations don’t happen every day for regular citizens. When an emergency does occur, people can freeze because they are unfamiliar with the process of calling 911. Some might think […]

Why Attending IACP 2019 Can Lead to Lower Crime Rates

You might be wondering in what ways would attending the IACP 2019 conference benefit your agency. How could attending a conference help your officers combat rising crime rates or solve the day-to-day problems affecting your citizens? Because the IACP annual conference is one of the largest international law enforcement conferences in the world, appearances from […]