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4 Things to See at IAFC 2019

From fighting fires to training the fire service leaders of tomorrow, check out the 4 things you need to see if you’re attending IAFC’s annual FRI 2019 expo and conference in Atlanta, Georgia

Are You Next Generation 911 Ready?

Approximately 137 million American adults live in homes that use mobile phones exclusively, according to a report from the CDC National Center for Health Statistics. Additionally, 48 million children also live in mobile phone-only households without access to a traditional landline.  The tools and way we communicate have undeniably changed. Gone are the days of […]

How Wearable Tech Can Help Monitor First Responders’ Health

Around 84 percent of first responders have experienced a traumatic incident while on the job. While some lose sleep over it, the health of others may suffer in different ways. The stress of being the first one on an accident scene and witnessing raw distress and destruction has a way of compounding into long-term negative […]

Moving Mission Critical Software to the Cloud: What You Need to Know

When seconds matter, access to the most accurate and up-to-date information for law enforcement is critical for both the community and responders. Any second, any situation and any call can escalate an ordinary day into a life-or-death decision. Public safety, which includes communications centers (911), law enforcement, fire departments and emergency services need reliable and […]

3 Ways Data Sharing Enables More Effective Law Enforcement

The challenges that law enforcement agencies face are unique to each department, but the one that binds them all is the need to share data and information across agencies. Imagine one county with multiple municipalities all working on similar types of crimes – but they may not know it if data is not being shared. […]


11 Life-Saving Benefits of CAD-to-CAD Interoperability

As technology expands capabilities and makes enhancements across the public safety sector – from mobile units in each patrol car to wearable tech on every officer – there is more data captured and accessed than ever before. Why are agencies reluctant to adopt technologically advanced systems when a crisis hits and they need the most […]