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What is Rapid DNA?

The introduction of fingerprinting and DNA testing as means of identification was a gamechanger for law enforcement. While controversial at the time of their initial deployment, those identification technologies have proven their innate value time and time again to both crime investigators and society – scores of serious criminals have been convicted and taken off […]


When Do I Need to Call 911?

240 million 911 calls are made every year in the United States.  But not all of them should be considered real emergencies, according to dispatchers.  Emergency situations don’t happen every day for regular citizens. When an emergency does occur, people can freeze because they are unfamiliar with the process of calling 911. Some might think […]


Why Attending IACP 2019 Can Lead to Lower Crime Rates

You might be wondering in what ways would attending the IACP 2019 conference benefit your agency. How could attending a conference help your officers combat rising crime rates or solve the day-to-day problems affecting your citizens? Because the IACP annual conference is one of the largest international law enforcement conferences in the world, appearances from […]

Overcoming the 5 Barriers to Joint Response Planning

When 911 is dialed, the caller hopes the nearest available responder will answer – people in need of immediate help aren’t concerned with which agency responds. However, this is frequently not the case when it comes to public safety and the current constraints of jurisdictions and response plans. So, in order to serve citizens in […]


How Mobility Will Help Solve the Two Biggest Challenges in Public Safety

Incorporating the advantages of mobility into public safety is the new minimum expectation.  Mobile devices provide instant communication relative to incident information, provide mapping and situational data that enhances productivity, and can be a lifeline for public safety personnel. With mobile technology, like that offered by CentralSquare Technologies, public safety personnel can leverage haptic feedback […]

How to Avoid the Major 4 Challenges of Transitioning to NIBRS

Come January 1, 2021, the FBI will complete its transition to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) as its sole crime data collection method. With support from major law enforcement organizations like the International Association of Chiefs of Police and National Sheriffs’ Association, the FBI is requiring that every law enforcement agency in the country […]

3 Ways NIBRS Will Help Agencies Combat Public Safety Issues: From the Opioid Crisis and Wildfires to Cybercrime

Nearly every American knows someone who has been affected by any number of public safety issues, whether theft of personal data, a natural disaster or the opioid epidemic. With better crime data reporting, however, that number could be lower.  National Based Incident Reporting Systems (NIBRS) is becoming the national standard in crime data reporting starting […]