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How Integrating Human Capital Management and Finance Platforms Can Help Your Agency Staff Smartly and Attract Top Talent

Rohit Chhabra,
Many local government agencies still have not recovered from the Great Recession that occurred from 2007 until 2009. Emergency reserve funds are not up to the levels they were prior to the recession. Some agencies had to cut personnel by almost…

5 Ways to Drive Maximum Efficiency with the Cloud

Tom Amburgey
More and more local government agencies and municipalities are adopting a more efficient future by making the switch to the cloud. Gartner estimates that government spending on cloud technology will increase 17.1% per year through 2021.…

The Secret to Driving Citizen Engagement in Local Government

Tom Amburgey
Almost half of citizens have complaints about their city’s infrastructure – things like potholes, damaged sidewalks, graffiti on sides of buildings – but only 26% of them bother to report the issue. Why such an abysmal rate of engagement?…

4 Steps to Unlocking a Digital Transformation in Local Government

Tom Amburgey
Implementing digital change can be a challenge for a local government agency. But choosing the right digital solution can transform an agency for the better. Check out the 4 steps your agency should take to unlock a digital transformation.

4 Things Local Governments Should Know When Preparing for Hurricane Season

Tom Amburgey
Hurricanes can be costly, life-threatening events. Until one makes landfall, however, it’s difficult to know just how much damage it can cause. With these 4 proper planning and preparation tips, local government agencies are better positioned to mitigate potential risks and ensure the safety of their citizens and communities.
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3 Best Practices on How Local Governments Can Use Tech for Transparency

Tom Amburgey
In fiscal year 2017, 818,271 Freedom of Information Act requests were received by the Department of Justice. That was up from 597,415 in 2010. These numbers tell a clear story. Citizens want information, and they want transparency from the…

The Trick to Saving Time and Money as a Government Agency

Tom Amburgey
Governments lose out on millions of dollars in potential savings every year thanks to outdated, slow legacy systems. It’s time for that to end. Discover the trick local governments are using to save big on money and the most valuable resource of all – time.

The 4 Biggest Threats Governments Face When Managing Safe Water Facilities

Tom Amburgey
286 million people get their water from a community system. Maintaining clean and safe water facilities is without a doubt one of the most important jobs of local governments. Here are the 4 biggest threats every agency should be aware of.

The 3 Goals Artificial Intelligence Can Help Local Governments Achieve

Tom Amburgey
The biggest fear among science fiction fans is that artificial intelligence (AI) will eliminate the human race. The biggest fear people with mortgages and car payments have is that artificial intelligence will eliminate their jobs. Pop…