Public Administration

Proactive Over Reactive: Being Smart About the Future with Enterprise Asset Management

Tom Amburgey
When government agency assets are not proactively managed, it just takes one infrastructure issue for a situation to escalate.  Downed powerlines are credited for igniting the catastrophic California wildfires in 2017 that killed 46…

4 Things to Know Before You Go: Esri 2019

Tom Amburgey
The Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) is one of the largest suppliers of geographic information system (GIS) software to organizations around the globe.    Esri provides a critically important service because location intelligence…

4 Smart Ways IoT is Meeting Citizen Expectations

Tom Amburgey
4 in 10 citizens are still not satisfied with digital services from government. What is your agency doing to improve? The Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved our expectations of the world around us. From personal assistants in our kitchens…

6 Factors of Population Growth That Could Cripple Communities Without a Plan

Tom Amburgey
About one in ten U.S. counties grew in the fiscal year that ended last June 2018, according to the Wall Street Journal. That means more people are driving on your roads, paying taxes and utility bills, using public services and expecting…

The Top 3 Tech Investments for Government CIOs in 2019

Tom Amburgey
Governments are running headlong toward big tech. Gartner research recently revealed that 18 percent of CIOs across all levels of government consider investing in technology and other digital initiatives as the number one priority for 2019.…

GovTech: CentralSquare Acquires Infrastructure Management Firm Lucity

CEO Simon Angove speaks with GovTech about CentralSquare's acquisition of leading EAM provider, Lucity.

Scalability of the Cloud: 3 Key Benefits for Growing Communities

Tom Amburgey
In 2000, the United States population was roughly 282 million. In 2019, it’s almost 329 million. As populations grow, so must the ability of local governments to serve them. In order for a local government agency to do so successfully,…

5 Reasons Why Issuing Permits Faster Benefits Everyone

Tom Amburgey
The permitting process is notorious for inducing headaches in citizens and government employees alike. It can be long, slow and aggravating. But it’s also completely necessary, as permits are required for just about everything these days.…

How to Protect Data from Disaster with the Cloud

Tom Amburgey
Due to the worst barrage of wildfires in recent history, more and more people are learning firsthand the unprecedented levels of destruction wildfires can bring to communities, destroying everything from homes to businesses to lives. If…