Public Safety

Will Widespread Drone Use in Public Safety Become a Reality?

Many people are aware of the incredible advancements in commercial drone technology. Only a few years ago, the quadcopter was a marvel of ingenuity and science. The potential for various uses spawned a myriad of ideas in the private sector,…

How Law Enforcement Can Train more Effectively for Active Shooters

CAD, GIS and Communication Integrations for Active Shooter Response and Training A quick look over the FBI’s statistics on the 277 active shooter incidents in the United States from 2000 to 2018 will quickly show you that no two incidents…

How Rhode Island State Police is Using Tech to Tackle the Opioid Epidemic

Rhode Island State Police has sought innovative ways to combat the opioid crisis that's devastating the nation. They might have found one. Read the article by Rhode Island State Police Captain Matthew Moynihan.

How Technology is Helping Shift the Public Perception on Police Engagements

Is technology really helping to shift the public perception on police engagements? Police chiefs, sheriffs and other law enforcement leaders weigh in. Listen to why they believe tech has helped to build trust within the community and also boost officer morale.

When Do I Need to Call 911?

240 million 911 calls are made every year in the United States.  But not all of them should be considered real emergencies, according to dispatchers.  Emergency situations don’t happen every day for regular citizens. When an…

Newsweek: Gen Z, Millennials Twice as Concerned About Active Shooters As Baby Boomers, Survey Finds

Members of Gen Z and millennials are twice as concerned about mass shooters as baby boomers, according to a survey from CentralSquare Technologies. Newsweek covers this urgent issue facing young Americans today.

Developer Minute: How Police Are Using Big Data

Big data can be both a blessing and a curse, especially for public safety. It has the potential to provide insights into previously unknown connections or relationships between vast amounts of specific, seemingly disparate data points. As a…

Why Attending IACP 2019 Can Lead to Lower Crime Rates

You might be wondering in what ways would attending the IACP 2019 conference benefit your agency. How could attending a conference help your officers combat rising crime rates or solve the day-to-day problems affecting your citizens? Because…

How Technology is Detoxing the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has devastated communities from coast to coast, presenting a unique challenge to law enforcement on how best to respond. Hear what police chiefs and other law enforcement leaders are saying about how technology is changing public safety's approach to solving the opioid epidemic and allowing them to help their communities more effectively.