Public Safety

What Happens If You Call 911 and No One Picks Up…

The hiring and retention of qualified dispatchers across the country has become a serious problem. Many centers are staffed at half the target number of employees, prompting an unfathomable question – what happens if you call 911 and no one…

What Will 2025 Look Like for Public Safety?

Rohit Chhabra,
The need for public safety agencies to quickly become mobile is more pronounced now than it ever has been. Rapid changes in protocols for interacting with the general public as well as an increased emphasis on the health of law enforcement…

How CAD Helps Law Enforcement Optimize Operations in a Crisis

Steve Seoane,
Many public safety agencies frequently experience strains on staffing and operational resources. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, public safety agencies are finding they must tailor their response to fit an entirely…

Who Wins with Better Evidence Management?

Jonathan Mitchell
Evidence management is experiencing a digital revolution that will fundamentally improve the way evidence is captured, stored and shared. The days of law enforcement officers copying digital evidence files onto DVDs, thumb drives or disks and…

Taming the Wild West of Evidence Management

Jonathan Mitchell,
Even as recent as ten years ago, the whole process of evidence collection could be boiled down to a one-time incident. Evidence collection would happen when an officer wrote her assessment of a situation into a police report. She would add…

The Solution to Fixing Information Overload in Law Enforcement

Jonathan Mitchell,
Today, more and more agencies are recognizing the importance of data sharing, the need for collaboration and the ability to coordinate public safety responses in real time. However, even as law enforcement agencies reap the benefits of data sharing, a new problem has emerged: information overload.

Are 911 Telecommunicators Really First Responders?

Suzanne Ladd,
911 dispatchers play a pivotal role in any emergency, but are they really first responders? For dispatchers working in the industry, the potential for reclassification is the first step in ensuring qualified people are on the front lines of an emergency.

The Hidden Advantage to Joining a CAD-to-CAD Network

Steve Seoane,
An interconnected CAD network can save dispatchers and agencies time when responding to a big event, like the Boston Marathon bombing. But there's one more advantage of CAD-to-CAD that can save lives.

How Chicago is Putting Public Safety First

Steve Seoane,
The City of Chicago has just made one of the largest public safety software deals of the past decade. Find out how they are enabling faster, more efficient emergency response for a city of 2.7 million.