Public Safety

Everything Law Enforcement Agencies Should Know About the Benefits of Transitioning to NIBRS

Every law enforcement agency in the country will be required to comply with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) by January 1, 2021. The clock is ticking – is your agency ready? The FBI is rolling out the new standard in…

5 Strategies for Technology Buy-In

Guest Authors: Nequella Battle, IT Services Manager, Durham County Sheriff’s Office, NC Jaime Helms, Data Analyst/Systems Training, Durham County Sheriff’s Office, NC Evaluating and then implementing new technology is a challenge…

Using Tech Tools for Safer Citizen Interactions

Incidents involving those struggling with mental health issues is always a challenge for law enforcement. Chief Zachary Flores from Sherman Police Department in Texas shares how one call kickstarted their mental health policing program, Project HELP, and how its tech tools help better respond to the mental health crisis

Law Enforcement on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Whether it’s through a deeper, more effective analysis of data or catching criminals on the run, law enforcement is embracing the potential AI can bring to public safety and citizens alike. Discover what sheriffs, chiefs and other law enforcement leaders have to say about AI

4 Things to See at IAFC 2019

From fighting fires to training the fire service leaders of tomorrow, check out the 4 things you need to see if you're attending IAFC's annual FRI 2019 expo and conference in Atlanta, Georgia

Are You Next Generation 911 Ready?

Approximately 137 million American adults live in homes that use mobile phones exclusively, according to a report from the CDC National Center for Health Statistics. Additionally, 48 million children also live in mobile phone-only households…

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Public Safety

Artificial intelligence has the power to drastically change the public safety landscape. Discover how law enforcement is embracing AI’s potential and how it’s already being used to help prevent mass shootings, respond more quickly to medical emergencies and help save firefighters’ lives.

Do Safe Public Spaces Still Exist?

It's the question we ask ourselves every time another tragic incident appears on the news in 2019. Discover some of the tactics and strategies law enforcement is deploying to keep our public spaces safe for everyone to enjoy.

How Wearable Tech Can Help Monitor First Responders’ Health

Around 84 percent of first responders have experienced a traumatic incident while on the job. While some lose sleep over it, the health of others may suffer in different ways. The stress of being the first one on an accident scene and witnessing raw…