Public Safety

Developer Minute: How Police Are Using Big Data

Laird Garner
Big data can be both a blessing and a curse, especially for public safety. It has the potential to provide insights into previously unknown connections or relationships between vast amounts of specific, seemingly disparate data points. As a…

Why Attending IACP 2019 Can Lead to Lower Crime Rates

Steve Seoane,
You might be wondering in what ways would attending the IACP 2019 conference benefit your agency. How could attending a conference help your officers combat rising crime rates or solve the day-to-day problems affecting your citizens? Because…

How Technology is Detoxing the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has devastated communities from coast to coast, presenting a unique challenge to law enforcement on how best to respond. Hear what police chiefs and other law enforcement leaders are saying about how technology is changing public safety's approach to solving the opioid epidemic and allowing them to help their communities more effectively.

How Law Enforcement is Planning on Using Augmented Reality Technology

Steve Seoane,
When it comes to digital innovation, the public safety sector is challenged to keep up with the consumer market, usually due to factors like budgetary constraints – not from a lack of desire. As technology rapidly advances and perpetrators…

Law Enforcement’s Cheat Sheet to the 911 Federal Grant Program

Steve Seoane
Is your agency slowed down by outdated systems or overburdened because of limited capabilities or simply ready for a Next Generation 911 (NG911) refresh? If so, this could be your time to cash in on millions of dollars of grant money and create…

Before You Begin: 3 Recommendations for a Smooth Technology Transition

Andi Mucklow, ,
Undergoing a large technology project can impact every aspect of your organization and cause quite a bit of anxiety – what will change, what will remain the same, will we be successful?  These are all questions organizations have asked…

Overcoming the 5 Barriers to Joint Response Planning

Steve Seoane
When 911 is dialed, the caller hopes the nearest available responder will answer – people in need of immediate help aren’t concerned with which agency responds. However, this is frequently not the case when it comes to public safety and…

Law Enforcement on the Advantages of the Cloud

From helping to lower emergency response time to building stronger community relations, technology has had a profound impact on public safety. Hear what police chiefs and other law enforcement leaders have to say on how technology has changed public safety for the better and how it's helped agencies keep their communities safer.

How Mobility Will Help Solve the Two Biggest Challenges in Public Safety

Steve Seoane,
Incorporating the advantages of mobility into public safety is the new minimum expectation.  Mobile devices provide instant communication relative to incident information, provide mapping and situational data that enhances productivity,…