How to Successfully Pull Off a Remote Training During COVID-19

Captain Dan Zdybek and Deputy Ryan Sottile,
Public safety agencies are feeling the impacts of COVID-19 in many areas, including how we train our employees on new technologies. For Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, we had to change our initial plans around in-person training for our new…

Getting Your Officers Ready for NIBRS

Steve Seoane
The deadline to switch to NIBRS is less than a year away, and the clock is ticking. Agencies need to start preparing with these 4 tips to ensure their officers are ready for the transition.

Predicting the Outcome of a Technology Transformation

David Dillehay
The decision to move to a new system is a critical point in the ongoing narrative of any public sector organization. The commitment in time, money and resources is high. Obtaining a successful outcome is critical. The complex nature of any…

4 Ways to Avoid a Government IT Project Failure

Andi Mucklow,
Anywhere between 70 to 80 percent of government IT projects struggle, and often fail, according to a survey done by the Boston Consulting Group. The combination of such an abysmal success rate with the fact that more and more governments are…

Before You Begin: 3 Recommendations for a Smooth Technology Transition

Andi Mucklow,
Undergoing a large technology project can impact every aspect of your organization and cause quite a bit of anxiety – what will change, what will remain the same, will we be successful?  These are all questions organizations have asked…