How Technology is Detoxing the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has devastated communities from coast to coast, presenting a unique challenge to law enforcement on how best to respond. Hear what police chiefs and other law enforcement leaders are saying about how technology is changing public safety's approach to solving the opioid epidemic and allowing them to help their communities more effectively.

3 Ways NIBRS Will Help Agencies Combat Public Safety Issues: From the Opioid Crisis and Wildfires to Cybercrime

Steve Seoane
Nearly every American knows someone who has been affected by any number of public safety issues, whether theft of personal data, a natural disaster or the opioid epidemic. With better crime data reporting, however, that number could be lower. …

4 Things Local Governments Should Know When Preparing for Hurricane Season

Tom Amburgey
Hurricanes can be costly, life-threatening events. Until one makes landfall, however, it’s difficult to know just how much damage it can cause. With these 4 proper planning and preparation tips, local government agencies are better positioned to mitigate potential risks and ensure the safety of their citizens and communities.

How to Protect Data from Disaster with the Cloud

Tom Amburgey
Due to the worst barrage of wildfires in recent history, more and more people are learning firsthand the unprecedented levels of destruction wildfires can bring to communities, destroying everything from homes to businesses to lives. If…