The Real Cost of False Alarms for Public Safety

Assistant Chief Gil Slouchick,
The Columbus Police Department in Georgia is like many other large law enforcement agencies in the United States today. We’re short-staffed on officers. A goal of the department is to minimize the number of non-emergency calls officers too…

Using Analytics and Data Visualization in the Fight Against a Pandemic

Kristin Meitzler,
Washington State had the first diagnosed case of COVID-19 in the country, and it hit us pretty hard right from the get-go, particularly in the Puget Sound area. Valley Communications 911 provides dispatching services for twenty-four police,…

Who Wins with Better Evidence Management?

Jonathan Mitchell
Evidence management is experiencing a digital revolution that will fundamentally improve the way evidence is captured, stored and shared. The days of law enforcement officers copying digital evidence files onto DVDs, thumb drives or disks and…

Taming the Wild West of Evidence Management

Jonathan Mitchell,
Even as recent as ten years ago, the whole process of evidence collection could be boiled down to a one-time incident. Evidence collection would happen when an officer wrote her assessment of a situation into a police report. She would add…

The Solution to Fixing Information Overload in Law Enforcement

Jonathan Mitchell,
Today, more and more agencies are recognizing the importance of data sharing, the need for collaboration and the ability to coordinate public safety responses in real time. However, even as law enforcement agencies reap the benefits of data sharing, a new problem has emerged: information overload.

What is Identity and Access Management and Why Is It Important?

Danilo Gargiulo,
Municipal governments house enormous amounts of data on everything from finances and infrastructure assets to local businesses and citizens. This is how they protect that data.

How Data Analytics is Revolutionizing Local Government

Data analytics are revolutionizing local government. In everything from helping governments make better decisions to helping them solve problems within their communities, municipalities are utilizing data analytics to strengthen their communities,…

Developer Minute: How Police Are Using Big Data

Laird Garner
Big data can be both a blessing and a curse, especially for public safety. It has the potential to provide insights into previously unknown connections or relationships between vast amounts of specific, seemingly disparate data points. As a…

The Trick to Saving Time and Money as a Government Agency

Tom Amburgey
Governments lose out on millions of dollars in potential savings every year thanks to outdated, slow legacy systems. It’s time for that to end. Discover the trick local governments are using to save big on money and the most valuable resource of all – time.

3 Ways Data Sharing Enables More Effective Law Enforcement

Steve Seoane
The challenges that law enforcement agencies face are unique to each department, but the one that binds them all is the need to share data and information across agencies. Imagine one county with multiple municipalities all working on similar…