Rise of the Human: Project Management in the Era of Intelligent Automation

Arnaldo Luis Colon, PMP®, ,
The role of project manager will not be immune from changes brought on by the integration of newer, smarter technology. In an intelligent automation environment, projects of the future will be more symbiotic and allow human project managers to focus on how the results of their projects affect the people in the communities they serve.

How Will Automation Impact Law Enforcement?

Steve Seoane
Automation has permanently altered the way our society and economy operate. As more and more technology and automation are implemented in virtually every industry, what are the implications for the public sector? And in what ways will automation impact law enforcement?
top 4 predictions for public safety in 2020

Top 4 Predictions for Public Safety in 2020

Steve Seoane,
New threats and recurring challenges often mark the start of a new year, placing greater demand on law enforcement and public safety agencies to remedy them. Though much is unknown about the future, public safety professionals should be aware…

What is Rapid DNA?

Steve Seoane,
The introduction of fingerprinting and DNA testing as means of identification was a gamechanger for law enforcement. While controversial at the time of their initial deployment, those identification technologies have proven their innate value…

This is the LinkedIn for Crime Investigators

Rohit Chhabra,
Browse through Netflix and it won’t take you too long to find a new documentary about a serial killer or a whodunit cold case. Over the past few years, the surge of public interest in true crime stories has been attributed to the abundance…

Will Widespread Drone Use in Public Safety Become a Reality?

Keith Singleton,
Many people are aware of the incredible advancements in commercial drone technology. Only a few years ago, the quadcopter was a marvel of ingenuity and science. The potential for various uses spawned a myriad of ideas in the private sector,…

The 3 Reasons to Work for a Public Sector Technology Company

Todd Shaw
The greater the role technology plays in our daily life, the more job opportunities that come along with it. It’s predicted that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million open technology jobs and only 400,000 qualified candidates to fill them. Whether…

How Law Enforcement is Planning on Using Augmented Reality Technology

Steve Seoane
When it comes to digital innovation, the public safety sector is challenged to keep up with the consumer market, usually due to factors like budgetary constraints – not from a lack of desire. As technology rapidly advances and perpetrators…

How Technology has Changed Public Safety for the Better

From helping to lower emergency response time to building stronger community relations, technology has had a profound impact on public safety. Hear what police chiefs and other law enforcement leaders have to say on how technology has changed public safety for the better and how it's helped agencies keep their communities safer.

Law Enforcement on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Whether it’s through a deeper, more effective analysis of data or catching criminals on the run, law enforcement is embracing the potential AI can bring to public safety and citizens alike. Discover what sheriffs, chiefs and other law enforcement leaders have to say about AI