The Hidden Advantage to Joining a CAD-to-CAD Network

Steve Seoane,
An interconnected CAD network can save dispatchers and agencies time when responding to a big event, like the Boston Marathon bombing. But there's one more advantage of CAD-to-CAD that can save lives.

How Chicago is Putting Public Safety First

Steve Seoane,
The City of Chicago has just made one of the largest public safety software deals of the past decade. Find out how they are enabling faster, more efficient emergency response for a city of 2.7 million.

Staying Safe at the Super Bowl: What Goes on Behind the Scenes to Keep You Safe at the Biggest Game of the Year

Commander Scott Gerlicher,
The Super Bowl is one of the most high-profile events of the year, drawing over a million tourists to the host city and averaging almost 100 million television viewers. Though the host city’s local economy benefits greatly from the surge…

The Network Effect of CAD-to-CAD

Rohit Chhabra,
In November 2018, over 80 people were killed in the California Camp Fire. The fire originated in Butte County in Northern California and spread rapidly across 200 square miles, destroying towns and forcing mass evacuations from schools, homes…

What You Get by Saying Yes to Interoperability

There is no resource more valuable during an emergency than time. Whether it’s an active shooter, cardiac arrest or a drowning, every second matters – the quicker emergency responders can arrive on scene, the higher the chance more lives…

This is the LinkedIn for Crime Investigators

Rohit Chhabra,
Browse through Netflix and it won’t take you too long to find a new documentary about a serial killer or a whodunit cold case. Over the past few years, the surge of public interest in true crime stories has been attributed to the abundance…

Step-by-Step Government Guide to Staying Ahead of a Crisis

Tom Amburgey
Tornadoes and floods. Terror attacks and active shooters. Infrastructure failures, major cybersecurity breaches and public health outbreaks. No one knows when a major emergency is going to strike – but odds are that it will. According to…

Wall Street Journal: Cut Response Time by Two Minutes

CentralSquare Technologies CEO Simon Angove speaks with the Wall Street Journal on the importance of cutting emergency response time with CAD interoperability, the upcoming rollout of Next Generation 911 and the future of emergency response.
Saving Lives with Interoperability

Three Police Chiefs on: How Interoperability Can Cut Emergency Response Times

Every second counts for law enforcement officers in unfolding emergency situations. In this video, three police chiefs discuss how interoperability and CAD-to-CAD connectivity can enable first responders to save more lives.

11 Life-Saving Benefits of CAD-to-CAD Interoperability

Steve Seoane
As technology expands capabilities and makes enhancements across the public safety sector – from mobile units in each patrol car to wearable tech on every officer – there is more data captured and accessed than ever before. Why are agencies…