How Salt Lake City is Winning at Growth

Tom Amburgey
Most cities experience growing pains from population growth, but not Salt Lake City. Through proper planning, a deep dive into data analytics and a desire to serve their citizens to the best of their ability, Salt Lake City was able to take control of their growth.

6 Factors of Population Growth That Could Cripple Communities Without a Plan

Tom Amburgey
About one in ten U.S. counties grew in the fiscal year that ended last June 2018, according to the Wall Street Journal. That means more people are driving on your roads, paying taxes and utility bills, using public services and expecting…

Scalability of the Cloud: 3 Key Benefits for Growing Communities

Tom Amburgey
In 2000, the United States population was roughly 282 million. In 2019, it’s almost 329 million. As populations grow, so must the ability of local governments to serve them. In order for a local government agency to do so successfully,…