Due to the worst barrage of wildfires in recent history, more and more people are learning firsthand the unprecedented levels of destruction wildfires can bring to communities, destroying everything from homes to businesses to lives.

If your local government agency servers are located on-site, there is a high-level risk that core infrastructure housing financial data could be destroyed in the case of a wildfire.

Before natural disasters strike, each government agency must evaluate its emergency preparedness. Once the disaster is over and the initial smoke clears, life must resume. Payroll needs must be met – especially with all of the overtime an emergency response of this scale can rack up. Accounting services and treasury functions need to get up and running, and in some cases, rebuilding must go on. Just because the fire has been extinguished does not mean the disaster is over.


In California, one county decided to proactively protect its financial data from future disasters. Tehama County, located in Northern California, recently began its migration to CentralSquare’s cloud-hosted finance suite, Finance Pro.

Krista Peterson is the Assistant Auditor for Tehama County. She shared how switching to cloud-hosted software alleviates the stress of protecting her county’s data from the unknown.

On keeping data safe during disaster

“We no longer have to maintain servers onsite, so there’s an extra level of security and reliability. That’s especially important right now with several neighboring counties experiencing massive fires recently, so having our data storage securely maintained by CentralSquare offsite is a big plus for us.”

On keeping outsourced IT costs down

“It has been difficult to find the budget for upgrades and additional IT services for our onsite system. We’re kind of at the mercy of when they have the time to fit us in. Now, anytime there’s an update, we’ll have the latest and greatest without the need to contract out for IT assistance to help with basic needs like W-2 or 1099 updates.”

On keeping up workflow after disaster

“This cloud-based product opens a multitude of opportunities for us, and we’re excited to see the immediate benefits of smarter reporting, smoother workflows and better experience overall.”


If emerging from a potential disaster with minimal operational interruptions is essential for your agency, think about the benefits cloud technology can bring. The practical considerations are far beyond the simple day-to-day convenience that the cloud brings, making it mission critical in emergency situations.