The Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) is one of the largest suppliers of geographic information system (GIS) software to organizations around the globe.   

Esri provides a critically important service because location intelligence is everything when it comes to running a community, city or county successfully. Many of the functions within local government and public safety rely on the data pulled from GIS in order to operate efficiently. For example, governments need to keep track of the location of their vast network of public transportation assets and infrastructure, like roadways and water mains. Law enforcement needs to be able to track criminal activity to identify patterns and proactively prevent future crimes. 

Esri is hosting their annual user conference in San Diego this July 8-12. Here are the four things you should know before you go to Esri 2019:

1. Explore new ideas with thought-provoking keynotes
There will be a host of expert keynote speakers, including Jane Goodall and Esri President Jack Dangermond, touching on a variety of diverse topics that affect our daily lives and how geographical data can transform them. The keynotes will discuss things like climate change, extreme events and how spatial data can help make communities more resilient when it comes to disasters like fires and floods. Additionally, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office will explain how GIS technology is helping them address the needs of their homeless population through live statistics and visualization tools. Make the most of these expert keynote speakers by building it into your conference schedule.

2. Solve real-world problems with GIS
It’s not just cool, colorful maps on a screen – attendees can learn how GIS provides a deep dive into geographic data to provide meaningful analysis, insights and solutions to real-world problems. This type of location intelligence is critical, especially for local government and public safety agencies. Police can use geospatial analysis to identify gun violence hotspots and areas with higher-than-usual opioid prescription claims to divert resources to those areas. Hospitals can track and follow outbreaks of disease. Local governments can use location intelligence to address housing problems and plan for smarter, more efficient future community development.

3. Invest in ample networking opportunities
The real value of Esri 2019 lies in the networking opportunities available to attendees. Meet with experts in a variety of industries and build relationships with people from across globe. Through breakout sessions, lightening talks and technical workshops, attendees can swap stories and share successes in order to cultivate stronger communities.

4. Discover San Diego
With a population of over 1.4 million people, there is plenty to do in beautiful San Diego. From world-class beaches and world-famous animal parks to a vibrant culinary and entertainment scene, there is something for everyone. The conference also has plenty of health and wellness activities that will allow attendees to get outside and discover San Diego, including a waterfront 5K and morning yoga overlooking the San Diego Bay.

If you’re a local government or public safety agency, now is the time to discover how your agency can benefit from attending Esri 2019 and leverage the power of geospatial data to improve the quality of life for your citizens.