Despite the majority of interactions between law enforcement and citizens having no use of force, the narrative on social media often portrays the opposite. This makes an already challenging job even more difficult for law enforcement officers.

ShareBlueSmiles is a social media campaign powered by CentralSquare seeking to change this narrative by highlighting stories of officers and deputies going above and beyond the call of duty for their communities. Officers across the U.S. perform good deeds every day, from making surprise birthday visits and lighting up a child’s day to alerting a woman in immediate danger and saving her life.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are five heartfelt stories from the ShareBlueSmiles campaign highlighting interactions between law enforcement officers and citizens that will certainly light up your day:

Prince George County Police Department
Antioch Police Department

Portage County Sheriff’s Office
  1. Sometimes, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. When one woman’s heart monitor signaled she was in immediate danger, the heart monitoring company attempted to reach her. When they were unable to do so, they contacted the Prince George County Police Department to alert the agency of the potential emergency. That’s when Officer Tom Milazzo leapt into action, going above and beyond to locate and alert her in time to save her life.
  2. Officer Harris with the Antioch Police Department in California uses his lunch break to visit kids at a local elementary school to share some fun moves and practice flexing. He understands that building positive moments with the next generation is key to building a better tomorrow.
  3. Fire moves fast, but deputies from the Portage County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio, move faster. When a citizen’s truck caught on fire, Portage County Sheriff deputies didn’t hesitate. They jumped into action and saved the family’s truck from being destroyed by fire. Being in the right place at the right time made a world of difference to a family in distress.
  4. Officers from the Richmond Police Department, KY, gave seven-year-old Daniel the birthday of a lifetime when they surprised him at his birthday party with a police uniform and toy police motorcycle of his very own. The experience was especially poignant because Daniel dreams of being a police officer when he grows up.
  5. You never know when a moment of inspiration can turn into a lifelong passion. When a first grader went to the Antioch Police Department in California to get some information for a school report, the officers made him an honorary member of their department.
Richmond Police Department
Antioch Police Department

People in law enforcement do so much more than catch criminals and ensure the safety and security of citizens; they help to create safer, stronger communities for everyone.

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