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The New Frontier in Police Reporting

New challenges continuously arise for public safety agencies. Often, these new challenges can come with little to no warning, leaving virtually no time to prepare. As seen with the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, law enforcement had to quickly adapt to meet the unique needs of a rapidly altered environment while still being expected to fulfill […]


What Does Financial Integration Actually Mean?

The term “integration” can often hold several different meanings when it comes to technology. No matter how basic or high-level the integration, organizations looking to integrate their technology systems typically share common goals: achieving genuine business transformation, more streamlined service and greater employee satisfaction. Here’s how.

The Most Forgotten Tool in Law Enforcement

Daily routines among law enforcement are filled with challenges, risks and threats that range from walking into the unknown, undergoing highly stressful situations and the potential of physical harm. Imagine a world where technology has the opportunity to reduce the threat level of these pain points for law enforcement personnel. Through increased data collection, more […]


What Will 2025 Look Like for Public Safety?

The need for public safety agencies to quickly become mobile is more pronounced now than it ever has been. Rapid changes in protocols for interacting with the general public as well as an increased emphasis on the health of law enforcement officers has pushed mobility to the forefront of public safety. Here is a window […]


The Network Effect of CAD-to-CAD

In November 2018, over 80 people were killed in the California Camp Fire. The fire originated in Butte County in Northern California and spread rapidly across 200 square miles, destroying towns and forcing mass evacuations from schools, homes and businesses. The Camp Fire necessitated a massive response from neighboring fire departments, law enforcement and EMS. […]


This is the LinkedIn for Crime Investigators

Browse through Netflix and it won’t take you too long to find a new documentary about a serial killer or a whodunit cold case. Over the past few years, the surge of public interest in true crime stories has been attributed to the abundance of podcasts, shows and documentaries featuring all-too real details of actual […]


How Integrating Human Capital Management and Finance Platforms Can Help Your Agency Staff Smartly and Attract Top Talent

Many local government agencies still have not recovered from the Great Recession that occurred from 2007 until 2009. Emergency reserve funds are not up to the levels they were prior to the recession. Some agencies had to cut personnel by almost ten percent as a result, and now currently rely much more heavily on contract […]