Public Administration

What is Identity and Access Management and Why Is It Important?

Danilo Gargiulo,
Municipal governments house enormous amounts of data on everything from finances and infrastructure assets to local businesses and citizens. This is how they protect that data.

Going Green: How Government Can Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Emilie Merrigan,
Tackling environmental issues and leaving a legacy of sustainability for future generations are urgent priorities for many citizens and governments alike. These three cities have figured out the recipe for success.

How to Prepare for the 2020 Tax Law Changes

Alexa Robinson
Benjamin Franklin once said that nothing is certain in the world but death and taxes. If one thing is certain about taxes, however, it’s that the laws surrounding them often change. In 2020, many new and complex changes to tax laws will be…

Solving Short-Term Rental Challenges for Code Enforcement

Ulrik Binzer,
For consumers, the sharing economy offers convenience. For the government, it presents regulatory gray areas. Between 2016 and 2019, the number of short-term vacation rentals (STRs) more than doubled. Cities and counties across North America…

How One California County is Getting Its Fiscal House in Order

Nathan Black,
Finding new solutions to challenging budgeting and finances issues is a common theme among local governments. Municipalities are turning to tech to help get their fiscal house in order and improve their fiscal health for the long term. Here’s how Sutter County, California turned these liabilities into opportunities.

The Decade of the New Smart City

Jeff Armstrong
It wasn’t so long ago when a city’s technology was considered “smart” if streets had synchronized traffic lights. Much has changed since then – smart streetlight sensors collect and transmit data on everything from traffic flow, weather,…

Top 3 Predictions for Local Governments in 2020

Jeff Armstrong,
2020 is projected to be a busy year for government – it’s an election year, citizens are increasingly engaging with their local governments, and new technologies are continuously raising the public’s expectation of their government’s services. Municipalities should be focused on the three trends for local governments in 2020.

The 2 Major Problems in Government and How to Solve Them

Marcy Turkington
A local government’s primary purpose is to make daily life for citizens better. But they can’t do that effectively if facing problems of their own. In the coming years, local governments will be confronted with major, internal challenges…

How Local Government is Increasing Citizen Engagement

It is important that municipalities keep up with citizen expectations when it comes to interacting with government services. Most citizens want the same level of sophistication and expediency they experience with their smartphones as they…