Public Administration


Strengthening Internal Communications for a Stronger Community

Danilo Gargiulo,
The primary responsibility of local governments is to serve their community. From a communications standpoint, this can mean much of the focus often lies on externally communicating important updates and initiatives that will impact daily life…

How SaaS Can Streamline Government Operations

Danilo Gargiulo
Local governments should always be looking for ways to streamline their operations. Budgetary restraints, increased citizen demands for services and data security are all roadblocks that arise when governments are looking for new ways to create…

Why All Government Websites Need to be Mobile Friendly

Danilo Gargiulo,
Mobile devices accounted for 16.2 percent of worldwide internet traffic in 2013. Six years later that percentage more than tripled, with mobile devices making up 52.2 percent of internet traffic in 2019. According to the Pew Research Center,…

The Power of One

Don Pinkston,
Data is everywhere. But when data resides in siloes, it’s difficult to access and even more difficult to manage. For government entities, particularly those managing public works, data siloes lead to a variety of pain points such as lack…

From Reopening to Recovery: How Governments Can Get Their Cities Back on Track

Danilo Gargiulo,
In any crisis, the immediate response by government and public safety agencies is to protect their communities. That is just one part of the equation. The steps that municipalities take as they begin recovering from a crisis are just as important,…

Saving the Small Business: How Can Government Help?

Danilo Gargiulo,
According to 2019 data from the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are an estimated 30.7 million small businesses in the United States. These small businesses employed almost 60 million individuals, making up nearly half the workforce…

Why You Should Start Preparing for the Next Emergency Now

Don Pinkston,
While much of the country’s attention has been held captive by the COVID-19 crisis, the severe-weather summer months are just around the corner. Hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires are expected to increase in frequency and magnitude. What does that mean for municipalities and how can they prep for the next emergency while in the middle of another?

What Does Financial Integration Actually Mean?

Rohit Chhabra,
The term “integration” can often hold several different meanings when it comes to technology. No matter how basic or high-level the integration, organizations looking to integrate their technology systems typically share common goals: achieving genuine business transformation, more streamlined service and greater employee satisfaction. Here's how.

How Local Governments Can Weather the Financial Storm

Todd Dooley,
It’s too early to predict what the long-term changes stemming from COVID-19 will look like for local municipalities and the nation at large. However, one thing is certain to be true for whatever the new normal brings. From a macro perspective,…