Why You Should Start Preparing for the Next Emergency Now

Don Pinkston,
While much of the country’s attention has been held captive by the COVID-19 crisis, the severe-weather summer months are just around the corner. Hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires are expected to increase in frequency and magnitude. What does that mean for municipalities and how can they prep for the next emergency while in the middle of another?

How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Problems in Asset Management

Jeff Armstrong
Failure of a municipal asset can have disastrous consequences, whether it’s property damage, prolonged disruption of service or even bodily harm. For municipalities that are experiencing population growth, the number of assets they need to…

How Do I Report a Pothole?

Jeff Armstrong
Potholes have caused approximately $3 billion worth of damage to vehicles each year, according to a study from the American Automobile Association (AAA). Hundreds of thousands of accidents are attributed to drivers hitting a pothole or swerving…

The 4 Biggest Threats Governments Face When Managing Safe Water Facilities

Tom Amburgey
286 million people get their water from a community system. Maintaining clean and safe water facilities is without a doubt one of the most important jobs of local governments. Here are the 4 biggest threats every agency should be aware of.

How Salt Lake City is Winning at Growth

Tom Amburgey
Most cities experience growing pains from population growth, but not Salt Lake City. Through proper planning, a deep dive into data analytics and a desire to serve their citizens to the best of their ability, Salt Lake City was able to take control of their growth.

Proactive Over Reactive: Being Smart About the Future with Enterprise Asset Management

Tom Amburgey
When government agency assets are not proactively managed, it just takes one infrastructure issue for a situation to escalate.  Downed powerlines are credited for igniting the catastrophic California wildfires in 2017 that killed 46…