Why Collaboration Matters When the Clock is Ticking

Det. Loc Tran,
Collaboration is a critical part of the crime-solving process for any law enforcement agency, including the Chamblee Police Department in Georgia. Learn how thanks to rapid data sharing with neighboring agencies, the Chamblee PD was able to find a missing child.
How Can Collaboration Drive Faster Emergency Response

How Can Collaboration Drive Faster Emergency Response?

Dan Whipple,
The City of Seattle is known for its lush scenery and a cityscape bisected by several waterways. Bridges are often the primary lifelines connecting different parts of the city. In an emergency, it is critical these lifelines are available to…

What Happens If You Call 911 and No One Picks Up…

The hiring and retention of qualified dispatchers across the country has become a serious problem. Many centers are staffed at half the target number of employees, prompting an unfathomable question – what happens if you call 911 and no one…

How CAD Helps Law Enforcement Optimize Operations in a Crisis

Steve Seoane,
Many public safety agencies frequently experience strains on staffing and operational resources. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, public safety agencies are finding they must tailor their response to fit an entirely…

The Solution to Fixing Information Overload in Law Enforcement

Jonathan Mitchell,
Today, more and more agencies are recognizing the importance of data sharing, the need for collaboration and the ability to coordinate public safety responses in real time. However, even as law enforcement agencies reap the benefits of data sharing, a new problem has emerged: information overload.

Are 911 Telecommunicators Really First Responders?

Suzanne Ladd,
911 dispatchers play a pivotal role in any emergency, but are they really first responders? For dispatchers working in the industry, the potential for reclassification is the first step in ensuring qualified people are on the front lines of an emergency.

How Law Enforcement Can Train more Effectively for Active Shooters

Bryan Clark,
CAD, GIS and Communication Integrations for Active Shooter Response and Training A quick look over the FBI’s statistics on the 277 active shooter incidents in the United States from 2000 to 2018 will quickly show you that no two incidents…

When Do I Need to Call 911?

Steve Seoane
240 million 911 calls are made every year in the United States.  But not all of them should be considered real emergencies, according to dispatchers.  Emergency situations don’t happen every day for regular citizens. When an…

Newsweek: Gen Z, Millennials Twice as Concerned About Active Shooters As Baby Boomers, Survey Finds

Members of Gen Z and millennials are twice as concerned about mass shooters as baby boomers, according to a survey from CentralSquare Technologies. Newsweek covers this urgent issue facing young Americans today.

Law Enforcement’s Cheat Sheet to the 911 Federal Grant Program

Steve Seoane
Is your agency slowed down by outdated systems or overburdened because of limited capabilities or simply ready for a Next Generation 911 (NG911) refresh? If so, this could be your time to cash in on millions of dollars of grant money and create…