Overcoming the 5 Barriers to Joint Response Planning

Steve Seoane
When 911 is dialed, the caller hopes the nearest available responder will answer – people in need of immediate help aren’t concerned with which agency responds. However, this is frequently not the case when it comes to public safety and…

4 Things Local Governments Should Know When Preparing for Hurricane Season

Tom Amburgey
Hurricanes can be costly, life-threatening events. Until one makes landfall, however, it’s difficult to know just how much damage it can cause. With these 4 proper planning and preparation tips, local government agencies are better positioned to mitigate potential risks and ensure the safety of their citizens and communities.

Are You Next Generation 911 Ready?

Steve Seoane
Approximately 137 million American adults live in homes that use mobile phones exclusively, according to a report from the CDC National Center for Health Statistics. Additionally, 48 million children also live in mobile phone-only households…

Step-by-Step Government Guide to Staying Ahead of a Crisis

Tom Amburgey
Tornadoes and floods. Terror attacks and active shooters. Infrastructure failures, major cybersecurity breaches and public health outbreaks. No one knows when a major emergency is going to strike – but odds are that it will. According to…

Wall Street Journal: Cut Response Time by Two Minutes

CentralSquare Technologies CEO Simon Angove speaks with the Wall Street Journal on the importance of cutting emergency response time with CAD interoperability, the upcoming rollout of Next Generation 911 and the future of emergency response.

Public Safety Without Borders: The Future of Emergency Response with CAD-to-CAD Interoperability

Steve Seoane,
Neighboring agencies should prioritize making their CAD systems interoperable so that when the next emergency hits, they are prepared to utilize resources efficiently, coordinate communications and above all, send help fast to those who need it.