The 3 Goals Artificial Intelligence Can Help Local Governments Achieve

Tom Amburgey
The biggest fear among science fiction fans is that artificial intelligence (AI) will eliminate the human race. The biggest fear people with mortgages and car payments have is that artificial intelligence will eliminate their jobs. Pop…

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Public Safety

Steve Seoane
Artificial intelligence has the power to drastically change the public safety landscape. Discover how law enforcement is embracing AI’s potential and how it’s already being used to help prevent mass shootings, respond more quickly to medical emergencies and help save firefighters’ lives.

What’s Next for Smart Cities: Top 5 Predictions for the Future

Tom Amburgey
According to the UN, two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by 2050. North America is currently the most urbanized region in the world, with 82% of the population living in urban areas. Globally, there are 33 megacities…

How Wearable Tech Can Help Monitor First Responders’ Health

Steve Seoane
Around 84 percent of first responders have experienced a traumatic incident while on the job. While some lose sleep over it, the health of others may suffer in different ways. The stress of being the first one on an accident scene and witnessing raw…

4 Smart Ways IoT is Meeting Citizen Expectations

Tom Amburgey
4 in 10 citizens are still not satisfied with digital services from government. What is your agency doing to improve? The Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved our expectations of the world around us. From personal assistants in our kitchens…
Facial Recognition: Critically Important or a Critical Risk?

Three Police Chiefs on: The Future of Facial Recognition Technology in Law Enforcement

Facial recognition has the power to permanently impact law enforcement processes, and the potential of this technology is rapidly advancing. In this video, three police chiefs share their perspectives on the potential and limitations of…