The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining High Performing Employees

Marcy Turkington
With one third of the government workforce projected to retire in the next five years, the public sector will face reverberating consequences for years unless municipalities start preparing now for what will be one of the largest shakeups in…

The 3 Reasons to Work for a Public Sector Technology Company

Todd Shaw
The greater the role technology plays in our daily life, the more job opportunities that come along with it. It’s predicted that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million open technology jobs and only 400,000 qualified candidates to fill them. Whether…

How Mobility Will Help Solve the Two Biggest Challenges in Public Safety

Steve Seoane
Incorporating the advantages of mobility into public safety is the new minimum expectation.  Mobile devices provide instant communication relative to incident information, provide mapping and situational data that enhances productivity,…
The Modern Struggles of Hiring in Law Enforcement

Three Police Chiefs on: The Recruitment Challenge in Law Enforcement

In recent years, there has been a negative shift in public sentiment toward law enforcement—so much so that agencies across the country are facing difficulty meeting hiring needs.  In this video, three police chiefs address the…

3 Ways Data Sharing Enables More Effective Law Enforcement

Steve Seoane
The challenges that law enforcement agencies face are unique to each department, but the one that binds them all is the need to share data and information across agencies. Imagine one county with multiple municipalities all working on similar…